FOB Mission and Strategies

The mission statements are from the official FOB bylaws and the Strategies are the opinion of Chris Starace (webmaster).   Feel free to discuss them on the list server  or send me an e-mail at    

1)  Improve and maintain communications between FOB members, through  electronic mail and other Internet services, as well as through printed newsletters and mailings.

    Our Strategy for Accomplishing this mission:

  •    Using the Yahoo Groups e-mail list to send messages of interest to all subscribers.

  •    Use the FOB website to publish contact information of people who choose to have their contact information published.    

  •    Publish the Deadbeat newsletter at least three times a year.

  •    Use the FOB website as a dynamic tool to communicate events and information to the membership as well as anyone interested in Benin

2)  Organize meetings, reunions and other events to bring members together.

    Our Strategy for Accomplishing this mission:

  • Ideally we should have more than one social event / reunion per year.  A good start is to meet at the National Peace Corps Association meeting that takes place every year.  As our membership grows hopefully members will volunteer to organize more events in different areas of the country. 

3)  Keep the Peace Corps/Benin experience alive for returned volunteers and staff.

    Our Strategy for Accomplishing this mission:

  •     This goal will be accomplished through all of the other goals and  missions.

  •     Encourage communication between current Benin PCV's and FOB members to keep us current as to what's happening in Benin, PC Benin, and Benin PCV's.   This strategy will also lead to a great awareness of FOB among Benin PCV's leading to a greater interest in FOB once they return to the U.S. 

4)  Sustain our commitment to international service and understanding through the exchange of information and materials.

    Our Strategy for Accomplishing this mission:

  • Use the website, the e-mail list, the Deadbeat and social events to promote the exchange of information about Benin, encourage members to support Peace Corps Benin (mission number 6) and encourage members to share our experiences with others (mission number 5)

5)  Support the Peace Corps' third goal - to bring the world back home, by encouraging  members to share their experiences with their own communities.  

    Our Strategy for Accomplishing this mission:

  •     Promoting National Peace Corps Day.

  •     Promoting the World Wise Schools Program.

  •     Encourage members to speak, write and give presentations about their experiences.

  •     Share information about Benin through our website, and the e-mail list server.

6)  Support of the Peace Corps mission in Benin, including the financial support of specific projects.

    Our Strategy for Accomplishing this mission:

  •   Raising funds and making donations to the Peace Corps Partnership in Benin

  •   Support current volunteers by sending care packages (perhaps to Cotonou and asking volunteers to split  up the loot equally.

  •   Possibly assigning a volunteer a mentor with whom he or she can correspond with during the two years for support and advice.   Matching a PCV and RPCV from the same post would be the most effective.   Perhaps we can collaborate with PC or the group to help match up PCV's and RPCV's.

7)  Support recently returned volunteers as well as volunteers who are about to leave for Benin.

    Our Strategy for Accomplishing this mission:

  •  Answering questions for prospective and soon to leave volunteers using the online Q & A forum..

  •  Corresponding and possibly meeting with recently returned PCV's to give them support.

  •   Offering job networking through the RPCV Contact list. 

8)  Distribute news and information about the Republic of Benin.

  •     Through the website, the Deadbeat newsletter, and the e-mail list,  publish information about Benin gathered from people who have gone back to Benin, from current volunteers, and from the media.


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