All the pictures below are from John Boe (our former webmaster.)

This is a photo looking out from the top of an old colonial building on to the Oueme River Valley. Taken in Adjohoun (southeastern part of the country).

Typical applique type cloth made for tourists. Has many of the symbols of the ancient kings of Dahomey. For more information visit The Museum of Abomey website.

Another textile typical art form found frequently in tourist venues.

From Lori Killpatrick. The beach at Grand Popo - a place frequented by PCVs when they have time and the Old Bridge (Ancien Pont) in Cotonou.

Label from a locally bottled beer.

Chris Robbin's Benin montage.

click here for a larger version (1MB)

The PCVs friend... comes in 660ml size.

Bread seller in Porto Novo from whom I frequently purchased bread while waiting for a taxi. One of the long lasting vestiges of French colonial rule.

Interior of a Bush Taxi. I tried to show how cramped it was... only four in the front seat...

This is what the Peace Corps Benin ID card looked like while I was a volunteer.

My Second (11th grade) class and me posing in front of one of the buildings at CEG Adjohoun.

Cloth seller at the weekly market near Adjohoun. Interestingly enough, Adjohoun had no market because of some bad happenings long ago.

Intersection of Ave. Steinmetz (named for ??) and Ave de la Plage in Cotonou.

Cotton mound - one of Benin's largest exports.

My two dogs (the one on the left I inherited from a former volunteer) which probably represent the norm in this part of Africa. They look something like Basenji's.

My schools soccer team after a victory against a nearby town. Played everywhere in benin - all you need is eight rocks and a ball!

Ganvie - one of Benin's most noteworthy tourist attractions - from the air.

Two local children.

The King of Abomey. He wears the silver thing on his nose to protect himself from the foul smells and spirits.

Me and some kids at wake.

500 and 1000 CFA notes. Visit the BCEAO website for pictures of all denominations.

More children at the wake hamming it up for the camera.

This amazing moth flew in to my house one evening.

A picture of the open sewers in Cotonou. Taken during a HHH (Hash House Harriers) run.

Typical PCV dwelling. Taken at the other volunteer house in my village.

Just a collection of the various stamps from Benin that I saved. Note some of them have blacked out areas at the top where they say Dahomey - the country's name more than 20 years ago!

More stamps

Our (1993) swearing in ceremony at the teacher's college in Lokassa, Benin.

This young girl visited my house almost everyday with here tomatoes.

Our turkey from thanksgiving one year.

A picture of the only elephant we saw during a visit north of Kandi, Benin.

A local dwelling (in Affame) made from mud under construction and finished.



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