Submitted for approval by the Board of Directors July 20, 2000
Submitted to general membership for discussion August 27, 2000  

**These bylaws were revised in March 2002. In accordance with Article VI, the Board of Directors voted to create new and retire existing officer categories. The categories of Treasurer and Secretary were retired. The categories of Treasurer/Secretary and Membership Coordinator were created. This change is to better reflect actual duties of officers.

Article I: Name

The organization shall be named "Friends of Benin" or FOB.

Article II: Mission

FOB is a nonprofit organization open to anyone having an interest in Peace Corps programs in the West-African nation of Benin. The primary purpose of the FOB organization is to establish a community of Peace Corps Benin alumni, volunteers, staff and supporters.

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Article III: 

    Our Objectives Include:

1) Improve and maintain communications between FOB members, through electronic mail and other Internet services, as well as through printed newsletters and mailings.
2) Organize meetings, reunions and other events to bring members together.
3) Keep the Peace Corps/Benin experience alive for returned volunteers and staff.
4) Sustain our commitment to international service and understanding through the exchange of information and materials.
5) Support the Peace Corps' third goal - to bring the world back home, by 
Encourage members to share their experiences with their own communities.
6) Support of the Peace Corps mission in Benin, including the financial support of specific projects.
7) Support recently returned volunteers as well as volunteers who are about to leave for Benin.
8) Distribute news and information about the Republic of Benin.

Article IV: Membership

An FOB member in good standing supports the FOB mission statement and is current in their dues, according to the fee structure and procedures established by the Board of Directors (see Article V).

Article V: Board of Directors

FOB shall be governed by a Board of Directors, comprised of a minimum of three and a maximum of nine Directors, all or some of whom may be Officers (see Article VI). 

The Board of Directors conducts, manages and controls the affairs and business of the FOB.

Any FOB members in good standing may nominate themselves or other FOB members in good standing as candidates for the Board of Directors.

Officers shall be elected by a majority of members voting for two-year terms by conventional or electronic mail. Officer positions left vacant may be voted on at any time.

Decisions regarding FOB activities, including in particular the collection and allocation of funds, requires a minimum 2/3 majority vote of the FOB officers, including the President (see Article VI). 

At the discretion of the Board of Directors, specific actions by the FOB may be presented to the membership for comment, polling vote or decision vote. 

Any member in good standing may request the Board of Directors to perform a general polling or decision vote of the membership on a specific action. However, acting on this request is at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Article VI: Officers

FOB officers, who are all members of the Board of Directors, include:

A President, responsible for providing direction to the FOB organization, and shall use his/her discretion in determining the activities that will further the purpose of the organization. However, any decision involving the collection or expenditure of funds requires a vote by the Board of Directors. The President must take part in any vote by the Board of Directors; 

A Vice President, who assists the President and in the absence or disability of the president, performs all the duties of the President;

A Treasurer/Secretary, who collects membership dues and other sources of revenue, maintains an account and a balance sheet on behalf of the FOB, and has oversight over fund raising activities. The Treasurer/Secretary will disburse funds as may be ordered by the Board of Directors. The Treasurer/Secretary will also be responsible for keeping a full and complete record of FOB membership; 

A Membership Coordinator, working closely with the Treasurer/Secretary, will maintain a database of PC/Benin alumni and friends. The membership coordinator is responsible for recruiting new members as directed by the board and organizing all Friends of Benin mailings; 

A Newsletter Editor, who oversees the publication of the FOB newsletter (the "Deadbeat"); and

A Newsletter Graphic Artist, who formats the FOB newsletter (the "Deadbeat").

A Webmaster, who is in charge of maintaining, designing, and updating the FOB website. He or she may appoint co-webmasters to aid in this task at his or her discretion.

The Board of Directors may vote to create new or retire existing officer categories at any time.

An individual Director may fulfill the duties of two or more Officers.

Article VII: Adoption and Amendment of the Bylaws

Adoption and/or amendment of the bylaws requires a ½-majory vote of all members in good standing.

Article VIII: Communications

Ordinary activities of the organization may be conducted by electronic or conventional mail. This includes discussions and voting by the FOB officers.

Decisions of the Board of Directors shall be communicated promptly to the membership.

Article IX: Nature of the Organization

The FOB is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. Directors do not receive any monetary compensation, nor are the FOB funds used for any other purpose than to further the mission and objectives of the organization as set forth in Articles II and III.

FOB is not currently officially incorporated in any state. The present Bylaws are informal and provisional, until such a time as the membership decides a more formal organization is required to pursue the FOB Mission.

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