The votes have been tallied and all candidates were victorious!  

Voting ended 5/27/09 and the  term is for two years so the next elections will be held in May of 2011

Candidate Bios and Statements:


President -Emily Bello- Bante 02-04 and Houegbo 04 - I'm am currently the Coordinator of Member Services and Operations at the National Peace Corps Association and going to school part time to get my nursing degree. I live in Northern VA, just outside of DC


Sara Beall - Vice President - Koko 01-04 - Recent Master's recipient. Lives in central GA I'm very excited to be a part of FoB. I am finishing up my MS in Biology at Georgia Southern University. My research has been on stopover sites for migratory birds. My biology-related interests are conservation and sustainable development. I, too, heart Benin.


Raimi Bello - Secretary/Treasurer - Benin HCN - Very technologically skilled accountant with micro finance experience. Lives with Emily Bello in Northern VA


Sean Maloney - Newsletter Editor - Guene 02-04 - I work at New York University as the manager of operations for the Division of General Counsel. Pretty boring work, but it pays the bills!  And I was in Guene, which is just south of Malanville.  I also have an MPA from NYU's Wagner School of Public Service where my specialty was International Development Policy.  Oh, and I love Benin. 


Chris Starace, RPCV Benin '95-'97; Allada. Chris has been maintaining the FOB website throughout the last several years even when FOB wasn't very active. Chris also is the creator of the Fon is Fun website.

Chris Starace:  I'm happy to continue as FOB webmaster because I want to promote the growth of FOB through this effective means of communication and because I enjoy web design.  I have been the FOB webmaster for several years and I've enjoyed it.  I have a good amount of basic web design experience under my belt with my site as well as this site.   If you have any suggestions or comments about the website, please let me know at

   I went back to Benin in 2004 with my wife for 2 weeks and I filmed a documentary video that I sell on my site. I give all proceeds to my neighbors in Allada.  The money has funded dozens of children's education.  It has also provided for medical treatment, mosquito nets and replaced the roofs on their houses.  I was a Small Business Development PCV in Allada from 1995 to 1997.   I went back to Benin for a week this last April 2009 to help an acquaintance bring some local dogs to the US.   They are known as Besenjis in the US.