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Friends of Benin was established in 1999 by returned Peace Corps Volunteers who have served in the Republic of Benin. Our mission is to maintain communications between Friends of Benin (FOB)  members, keep the Peace Corps/Benin experience alive, sustain our commitment to international service, encourage members to share their experiences with their own communities,  support the Peace Corps mission in Benin, support recently returned volunteers as well as volunteers who are about to leave for Benin, and distribute news and information about Benin.  

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Added 11/16/11

Chris Starace, Benin RPCV in Allada from 1995-1997 recently published a memoir about his experiences in Benin.

To Benin and Back

Short Stories, Essays, and Reflections About Life in Benin as a Peace Corps Volunteer and the Subsequent Readjustment Process.

To buy a copy and get more information about the country wedding dresses go to www.tobeninandback.com.  There he has a synopsis, excerpts, the full table of contents, cover art, themes, a blog and a guestbook where you can leave comments.  

Added 8/9/11

There are many PCPP (Peace Corps Partnership Projects) that current Benin volunteers have designed and they are actively trying to raise funds for them.   If you can help sexy lingerie sexy corsets, please donate what you can on the Peace Corps' website.  Here are a few of the projects:

  • Camp Success 2011:

  • Community Multimedia Center:

  • La Coquille: Education Program:

  • Space to Learn: Secondary School Classroom Building

  • Lua Zoo Community Cooperative:

Donate here

Added 10/24/10

You may have heard that Benin has suffered from the worst flooding in decades due to higher than average rainfall.  Because of it, thousands of people have lost their homes, their livelihoods, and source of clean drinking water.  Cholera outbreaks have already been reported.  UNICEF is responding.  Please support their efforts by donating here.  Click on the "Donate Now" button on the right.  

Added 10/24/10

Hello Friends of Benin,
I'm a Benin PCV, and I'm about to COS and embark on a project with the
Fulani across West Africa.  The Pulaku Project is an initiative to
document the changing lifestyles of the Fulani throughout West Africa.
You can see more about it on our website: 

Would you be willing to share this info with the Friends of Benin?

We are funding the project through photo print sales, but more
importantly we want to reach an audience interested in the Fulani and
West African culture.

I've attached a PDF (click here) with information about the project, and I'm happy to send you photos also.

Thanks, and let me know if I can offer any additional information.

cheers from Benin!
Christoph Herby 

Added 6//19/09

Elections are over and we have some new board members who are ready to get FOB moving.   See details on the right.  

Added 3/13/09

FOB's Response to the Benin PCV Who Died in Benin:   

Sadly, as many of you may already be aware, we learned today that we lost a Peace Corps Volunteer in Benin. While many of the details are still unknown, the Friends of Benin wishes to express our deepest sympathies to the Volunteer's friends and family both in the US and in Benin and to the wider Peace Corps community. This is a great shock to all of us who have come to know Benin as a second home.  Cette tristesse nous touche profoundement

Added 3/2/08

FOB has new leadership and is in the process of re-establishing contact with it's past and present membership by starting to publish the Deadbeat Newsletter by mail again.  We will be sending a complimentary copy and we are asking past and present members to renew their membership which is  $15 annually.  You can pay using Pay Pal below or by mail.  See the Membership page for more information.  We look forward to your involvement.   



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